Public Consultation – Providing Your Input.

By Anshika S. and Annette Olson Known as Public Consultation in the British Commonwealth and in European nations, and often as Public Testimony and/or Commenting in the United States (U.S.), governments around the world that have forms of free speech have processes for seeking public inputs on laws, regulations, and other forms of policy. Climate … Continue reading Public Consultation – Providing Your Input.

The Three Submarine Engineers – Chapter 2

Research and Rhyming This is the continuation of an interview with three great people, all submarine engineers, who you can get to know in Chapter 1. [link] Nick, Jon, and Matt You three guys have three planned children's books being developed for hardcopy but already available in audio, with Nick recording and reading most of … Continue reading The Three Submarine Engineers – Chapter 2

Facebook picks Climate Steps!

Earlier this week, Facebook named myself as a "Leading Lady" in the "Hall of Her" because of my work creating and building Climate Steps. Whoop! With a focus on Women's History Month, and International Women's Day (March 8th), Facebook wanted a woman-founded climate change site. And they picked Climate Steps - looking first for a … Continue reading Facebook picks Climate Steps!

Examples of Individuals Impacting Climate Court Cases

Through the work of our two climate policy interns from Carleton University, Azka and Anshika, we have compiled a list of court cases in which individuals have made a difference - either through filing suit against polluters or governments, or by giving their personal testimony. So check out our new page; we'll continue to add … Continue reading Examples of Individuals Impacting Climate Court Cases

The Plastic Podcast

Wind up Plastic-Free July by spending some time with us learning what is plastic, its impacts - good and bad - including on climate change, and how to fight plastic pollution throughout the year. Dr. Annette Olson, Founder of Climate Steps and the Lead for Green Neighbors DC, and guest Den Fusso, plastic activist, will … Continue reading The Plastic Podcast

A New Climate Steps Resource Page – Podcasts

Announcing a new resource page for Climate Steps - Podcasts, which has reviews of 13 informative podcasts in the areas of climate science, how climate change affects us, the all important climate solutions, and then the environment in general. Three of my favorites are: The Mint Climate Change Tracker, which provides an overview of climate … Continue reading A New Climate Steps Resource Page – Podcasts

WE have the Power Now

It’s a new year, 2020, and it’s a time to understand that we, the public, are now more empowered than ever before in this climate emergency, despite how incredibly impotent we feel with the horrible devastation in Australia, which is experiencing catastrophic bushfires, extreme heat, and incredible wildlife mortality. With the loss of 30% of … Continue reading WE have the Power Now