Unique (and Downright Strange) Steps towards Zero Waste

The Next Steps in Recycling By Amy Copeland As we dutifully pitch our cardboard, glass, and the sometimes-hard-to-avoid plastic bottles into the recycling bin every week, it can feel like a lot is left over for the trashcan. That does not feel great. But it turns out, a lot more can be recycled that we … Continue reading Unique (and Downright Strange) Steps towards Zero Waste

Another Round of New Year Climate Resolutions – 2019

So, I've been so busy starting my climate resolutions, that I haven't had a chance to write about them.  There are three main climate resolutions I have, but two have many parts to them (fun): 1) Get my solar panels installed 2) Catch up on the climate resolutions from 2017-2018 I haven't finished. 3) Build … Continue reading Another Round of New Year Climate Resolutions – 2019

Night of the Environmentalists – Veggie Potluck & Outdoor Movie

So as I already posted in our Climate Steps Facebook Discussion Group (www.fb.com/groups/ClimateSteps) - I have discovered one of the most fun ways to fight climate change - throw a climate party. My friends Max, Nick, and I did, and it was a total success. We invited friends, and then we put an invite up … Continue reading Night of the Environmentalists – Veggie Potluck & Outdoor Movie

A Climate Action Course Completed

I am back to writing after a hiatus of two months -- during which I was pretty occupied taking a remote, online course from the University of Michigan.  It's title:  Act on Climate:  Steps to Individual, Community, and Political Action (https://www.coursera.org/learn/act-on-climate).  It was a seven-week course with modules on food, energy, transportation, the built environment, … Continue reading A Climate Action Course Completed

2018 New Year Climate Resolutions

A gathering of ideas from folks in different Facebook groups, and what I am tackling.  (Those steps now tackled are in green, those not achieved, in red.) First off, this is my second year throwing myself into climate activism – yes, it all started due to the 2016 election from climate change hell. I realized … Continue reading 2018 New Year Climate Resolutions

Climate Steps taken in 2017

An amazing year, an incredible year, an interesting year – as in the Chinese curse in terms of my workload.  It has been wonderful, however, starting up the Climate Steps blog and Facebook group, which are now officially one year and four days old.  The Facebook group Climate Steps has turned out pretty cool, and … Continue reading Climate Steps taken in 2017