Plastic-Free July Starts Tomorrow

Hey again. There's a campaign that's been growing yearly, which started in Australia, to make July Plastic-Free. If you are wondering about how plastic relates to climate change, it significantly causes it: Plastic comes from natural gas and oil - methane is released during drilling;CO2 is released during manufacturing;There's transportation to a place for … Continue reading Plastic-Free July Starts Tomorrow

WE have the Power Now

It’s a new year, 2020, and it’s a time to understand that we, the public, are now more empowered than ever before in this climate emergency, despite how incredibly impotent we feel with the horrible devastation in Australia, which is experiencing catastrophic bushfires, extreme heat, and incredible wildlife mortality. With the loss of 30% of … Continue reading WE have the Power Now

Christmas Climate Steps – Reposted!

(Photo by Oleg Magni on Article by Annette Olson and Carrie McLaughlin, 2018. Wow.  Christmas 2016 was when I (Annette) wrote my second Climate Steps blog ever - Christmas Climate Steps, and it's now SO LONG AGO.  It's been a weird two years, definitely.  And during this time, many of us have been motivated … Continue reading Christmas Climate Steps – Reposted!

Plastic = Climate Change, Part 1

A Plastic Affair to Remember - Always. Plastic first came into our lives 150 years ago, and we fell in love, hard. But although it made and makes our lives wonderful in many ways - it comes with baggage now. Lots and lots of terrible baggage. This article, Part 1, outlines the impact plastic makes, … Continue reading Plastic = Climate Change, Part 1