Success – or Not? How did I do with the 42(!) New Year Climate Resolutions I had for 2018?

Time to sum up how I did on my 2018 Climate Resolutions! See how I did for each in my comments after each resolution in: 2018 New Year Climate Resolutions!

Overall, I did better than expected, actually – considering my Mom broke her back (three surgeries later now, all is well), and I had full-blown pneumonia, etc…. I accomplished some big things, some small and easy things, and failed miserably at actually contacting any federal government officials. Something about them must be causing me to avoid talking to them! Must. Fight. This.

But out of 42 resolutions: 20 completed; 10 halfway competed; 12 not done. These last ones I will, again, move to next year. But some big ones – tackled: Threw a fantastic climate party and invited the neighbors, bought solar panels, took a Climate Action Course, commented at a public hearing, replaced 4 flights with train/bus travel, and started tweeting via @ClimateStepsUS – and that last one is darn time consuming.

Some that are partly done include 1) bringing my lunch to work more so I am not forced to eat from idling food trucks (though some food trucks are going solar/electric); and 2) wasting less food.

But see the post for more, as well as for other ideas that members of the Climate Steps Facebook group put in!

Now seeking ideas for the 2019 New Year’s Climate Resolutions.

Please comment here, or join our FB group and join in the discussion. Our group is especially seeking critical things that individuals can tackle in the first three months that will get us started in helping save the world over the next 12 years. We’re going to create a Climate Steps “join-in-the-action” three-month action plan. And we are very gungho.

But the group is there for other people who just want to listen and learn of ideas.

Questions welcomed!

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