A Climate Action Course Completed

I am back to writing after a hiatus of two months — during which I was pretty occupied taking a remote, online course from the University of Michigan.  It’s title:  Act on Climate:  Steps to Individual, Community, and Political Action (https://www.coursera.org/learn/act-on-climate).  It was a seven-week course with modules on food, energy, transportation, the built environment, and policy/action.  But it’s completed now:  I’m “certified!”

Handy dandy certificate

Handy, dandy certificate

Which basically just means I’ve completed a course in which I already knew a lot regarding needed climate action, having studied environmental science/ecology for decades really.

What I did learn was a bit more on how to implement, including some new actions.  Examples were given of different methods to approach people for change.

What also was good was that I actually had to take action in a couple of places during the course.  (However, the course was not well designed in that regard, because there were often actions encouraged that could not be done in time for the homework deadline, especially for people working full-time, like myself.) But one very useful one was that I had to create a climate action plan for three months, which I did — focused on food.  Wal-la:

Olson Personal Climate Action Plan – food for CS

So far, a month in, I’ve completed five of the actions and am working on another (throwing a vegetarian/vegan potluck with my friend Max).  Most of the rest I will judge how I did at the end of July.

I highly recommend creating an action plan.  You can use mine for a model, or find others, but it really is a helpful tool.  It keeps things from being vague (“oh, I’m going to eat more vegan foods”) and instead makes you write down discrete, measurable actions (e.g., “I’m going to eat at least two vegan meals a week.”)

Regarding the course, it’s a decent course and recommendable, as it is only $45 dollars if you want to get certified, but you can also sit in it for free.  But warning, this is a pre-made, off-the-shelf course, with exercises, but almost no interaction with the instructors unless you have a question.  There is some discussion among participants.  However, still useful.

Other courses exist…. and no doubt more will come.  Here are several others.

Climate Reality. This class is the cream of the crop, but the offerings are few and ‘far’ between.  It’s an in-person course for which you have to pay travel and housing.  The ones this year are being held in Los Angeles and Berlin.  https://www.climaterealityproject.org/training.

However, a lot of universities are doing climate change courses.  Here are some online courses from Harvardhttps://online-learning.harvard.edu/series/climate-change.

Oh wait, I just found a site that pulls together a list: Free online courses:  https://www.class-central.com/tag/climate%20change.

One in there that appears to be about action includes:  https://www.class-central.com/course/futurelearn-climate-change-solutions-9827.  I may take this in the near future.

Hope this helps get you started on a path to action as well!  I really, really hope it does.  Our planet needs you to counteract humans who don’t care.


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