Another Round of New Year Climate Resolutions – 2019

So, I've been so busy starting my climate resolutions, that I haven't had a chance to write about them.  There are three main climate resolutions I have, but two have many parts to them (fun): 1) Get my solar panels installed 2) Catch up on the climate resolutions from 2017-2018 I haven't finished. 3) Build … Continue reading Another Round of New Year Climate Resolutions – 2019

2018 New Year Climate Resolutions

A gathering of ideas from folks in different Facebook groups, and what I am tackling.  (Those steps now tackled are in green, those not achieved, in red.) First off, this is my second year throwing myself into climate activism – yes, it all started due to the 2016 election from climate change hell. I realized … Continue reading 2018 New Year Climate Resolutions