Partners and TYs

Current Collaborators

First, a major shout out to the professionals providing pro bono work to Climate Steps:

  1. Green Pro Bono ( for their advice, and for connecting us to Barry Hart and Laura Gregory of the law firm K&L Gates (, who have been providing free and great legal advice and assistance;
  2. DC Bar Pro Bono, who is helping me with trademarking our ‘mark’;
  3. Chris Bernacchi, sports and landscape photographer, who has provided access to all of his previous photos and has helped with some photo shoots;
  4. Dr. Ann Patterson, strategy.
  5. Linda Cotton, graphic designer and advisor on all things fascinating.
  6. Clare Talbot, graphic designer who designed our new logo,, and
  7. Lisa Howard, website designer, who is coming up with a new website design.


Our many data, information, and design collaborators:

The Sustainability Clubs/Alison Halderman.

Clare Talbot - Graphic Designer & Web Designer

Contributors and Patrons

A Chunk of Change

Lana Butnis and Mark Brudo

Amy Copeland

John and Maralyn Hatch

Neil Olson

Diane and Randy Peck

The Walsh Group, Canada

A Goodly Amount

J. Brundige

Jane Jessen

Lisa Sherburne

Monthly Patrons

Marnie Glaberman

Andy Mack

Carol Ann Naberhaus

Neil Olson

Lisa Sherburne

Lovely Funds and Donated Equipment

Karen Arcamonte

Nikos Barboutsis

Linda Cotton

Green Seeds, LLC

Karen Lips

Melanie Marshall

Ricardo McClees

Alicia Neubig

Dan Rabun

Micah Rapoport

David Schwartzman

Diane Vogt O’Connor

Lee Willard


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