Kids Activities

We’re building this site out more – recommendations are welcome!

A great site for a variety of kids’ activities is one built by the Arbor Day Foundation – and the activities are useful for teaching kids the importance of trees.  It has some well-done activities in there.

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And talking about trees! Here is a great tree-planting guide, recommended by a person in the field (Angela), and I concur. Nice clear steps for planting, plus the site provides many resources through which kids can research the importance of trees and how to take care of them.

Here is a great at-home activity to do with kids. Watch Didi Pershouse, a powerhouse in environmental action but a really nice person obviously, teach about the importance of soil health in a simple demonstration. Then recreate with the kids!

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50 things to do with Spare Socks!

Free, downloadable activities

Also, here are some Public Domain (i.e., free for use) connect-the-dots from the US Geological Survey’s prior program called the NBII Library of Images from the Environment/Kid’s Corner. I used to work on that project years ago, and I edited these then! Although the program no longer exists, these images were public domain. I hope that you can use these beautiful images. (Right click on the images to save.)