A new page we are developing, that will feature a round-up of information, but first highlight some articles we’ve written about our environment, our outdoors. The thing we think we don’t absolutely need and often don’t think about, but which, really, is the foundation of life, providing the air and water we breath, the food via pollinators, the animals and other life that support the nutrient recycling – everything.

Changing Lawns to Actual Life (the many replacements for lawns.) – a Climate Steps article.


https://www.nwf.org/nativeplantfinder/ (for U.S.)

Trees, which is mostly about the benefits of trees near a house. – a Climate Steps article.


Okay, weird, but if you think about it, most burials are outside (minus cremation urns kept inside.) We’re going to expand on this section in the near future, but here are some interesting articles about green burials, especially in the U.S. So far options include: standard burial (not green at all), pine box burial, shroud burial, forest groves burial, cremation (not as green as one think), cremation and burial with a tree seed, biodegradable pod burial – often with a seed, water/chemical cremation (seems pretty green), and composting (only in Washington State in U.S.) Enjoy the read!



https://www.funeraldirect.co/cremation-burial-environmentally-friendly/  (Interesting, but I don’t think they factor in climate change, which is the overarching, most important environmental impact now.
https://cremationinstitute.com/cremation-vs-burial/  (same for this one, but it provides a lot of info.)

Photo by Min An from Pexels

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  1. With regards to burials, I am hoping human composting becomes a viable option in the near future. I can think of nothing better for my body post-life than for it to be composted, and the compost used to plant a tree in my honor.

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