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Get involved in the fight against the climate crisis.

Two Climate Steppers took the CSteps message that citizen science is needed and dived in (ha, ha). They are here assisting a study of corals’ susceptibility to high temperatures.

Climate Steps. After four years of online knowledge acquisition and community building, Climate Steps™ (CSteps) is now a rapidly growing 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing any-and-all individuals information and mentoring on how to take climate action.

CSteps now has a Board, 5 main partners, ~12 volunteers, and over 8500 followers on social media. Users have noted many, diverse actions that they have taken because of us, including adding solar energy, joining citizen science projects, planting native plants, finding collaborations and carpoolers, and even starting mentoring and consultancies. We have been given recognition by Facebook for our efforts twice. (And please see some of our testimonials below.)

Next Steps. We are steadily growing, and, thus, we are expanding CSteps to the “next level,” as planned and as requested by our users: improving the website; creating personalized CSteps search tools to help members find actions needed for their situations; onboarding more information partners; and, critically, securing large-scale fundraising to help hire permanent staff and build our systems. 

Why? Dr. Annette Olson, Director: “During my 27-year career as a biodiversity/environmental scientist, project manager, and a reviewer of federal research programs, I have worked often with climate and other environmental scientists – and I saw their increasing alarm about the future. Having also seen their data directly, I too became alarmed. Our goals are to help individuals (1) discover how they can take climate action and what sorts of actions are impactful, and (2) encourage and mentor each other.”

Based on NOAA, NASA, and other data, Washington DC will go from its current average of 9 days a year of 95-degree weather (already an increase), to 85 days a year in 2100. Check out your area (US only):

Different Ways You Can Help Us Grow

Contact if you are interested in volunteer opportunities or donating directly.

Volunteer: Tech

We’ve got big plans for this website, including some cool tools, but we also sometimes have small emergencies. If you have software development expertise and a red cape, and you want to help us in big or small ways, please contact us.

Volunteer: Design

Creative? Do you design brands, websites, or tools – or do you know user testing? Care to join in the climate fight? Help launch us beyond the current website/brand and into a very user friendly design for late fall 2021 and into 2022.

Please see the PayPal Donate link in the right-hand column, or, for major gifting, please contact Almost all funds at the moment will go to 1) nonprofit registration fees with the IRS and different states, and then into helping us get to the next level in terms of research and tool development.


If you have experience in a particular climate action, please become a mentor. Our mentorship program is just getting started within our Facebook Community (, so help us get the ball rolling. We also plan to build a mentorship program within this website/the broader community as well.

Construct and Share an Action Plan.

Map out some of your resolutions for 2021 and how you will tackle them. It’s an excellent exercise, with templates on our Action page, plus other methods coming. Then once completed, send and we’ll share them on the website for examples and for feedback.

For those who like apps, we’re also building a community within our partnered app Earth Hero (, where we also can share our actions and our progress.

Contact Us!

Volunteer: Research

We have an audience who wants climate action information but not enough researchers! Choose a topic connected to climate steps that you want to research. Once approved, you’ll write or co-write a page about it, and we’ll help with format and style. We might even be able to cross-publish with our partner app:

Volunteer: Social Media

We need more social network moderators who not only can moderate and share news, but who can help people feel comfortable in sharing and discussing efforts and ideas. This is for our growing Facebook group (, as well helping us grow our presence on Instagram (@climate_steps) and Twitter (@ClimateStepsUS). With great photos, topics, and witty sayings, put your experience with social media to good use.

Share the News about CSteps!

Liking, commenting on, and sharing this any of our sites’ pages or posts (FB, Instagram, and Twitter) not only helps us learn what you respond to, but helps your friends see what you think about climate change. Climate action discussions become the new normal. And CSteps has the many types of impactful actions a person can do, along with the methods to implement and links to resources.

Oh, and please use the hashtag #climatesteps when sharing.

Join the Community

We have an amazing community within Facebook – where people really think about action, share and discuss the options, and support and encourage each other. ONLY posts with action suggestions are allowed, unless you give such good news that we all get giddy. Or follow us on Instagram and Twitter and help build community discussions there.


Thank you so much for this [FB] post. I learned a lot from reading your list of reasons why to have a roof like this. -Linda

Thanks for all the effort (and results!) which Climate Steps is generating. Glad to be a [FB] member. – Christopher

I love these steps! My personal favorite.…-Julia

Thank you for the informative [Instagram] post. Some very stark statistics (crying face) Love that you give easy to ambitious #climateaction steps we can all take! – E

Your work and approach are inspiring. -John

I love your mission at Climate Steps. -Jen

Well done with the work. Extremely interesting data set and it really couldn’t be anymore clearer. [Regarding our Stripes and Stories article.] -Nick

I did not know about that; thanks for the info! -Ryan

Hi! What great work you do. -P

Very nice initiative…I am a member of Local Biodiversity Management Committee …the suggestions from this [FB] page may help me. -S

In FB group: M to C, This is cool! How do I only now learn this is some of what you do? Let’s collaborate! C to M: Any time! Give me a shout.

I’m excited to see Climate Steps grow. – S

Let’s build something great together.