Climate Songs

There are three sets of songs for expressing and sharing our emotions and fear – and hope – regarding climate change:

  • Climate songs – either new lyrics to old songs, or new songs. Share with friends.
  • Environment-in-general songs.
  • And then, below, are Christmas Climate Carols!

Sing at the top of your lungs, with friends, and spread the news.

Climate Songs

One of the best Climate Songs ever. Adorable Irish children rapping about the climate.

Another one by an kid that has been going viral right now is by eight-year old Frankie Morland, UK, who wrote and sings his own song (with help by video experts) in his fight against climate change: World in Danger. He has had the support of David Attenborough in spreading this song to the top song list.

Prince Ea. The below is one of my favorite songs/poems. Incredibly powerful – and this was written in 2015, before the massive increase in Amazon burning and clearing.

A song designed for inspiration:

Although not written for this, the Midnight Oil’s song: Beds are Burning is very, very suitable, as our FB group member Hannah pointed out.

Norah Jones – Sinkin’ Soon. I love, love this song. It’s one of those songs you just revel in – until you think about the topic.

Paul McCartney’s Despite Repeated Warnings is not my favorite, but I am glad he wrote it.

Portes – a long song that concentrates on her voice, and her worry about the environment.

“We don’t have time…” This requires Spotify to hear the whole song.

Dar Williams – Blue Light of Flame

One of our FB members did this great country rock song with his band:

I like also how any of us can pull together climate songs now…

Environmental Songs!

Obviously, we need to work on this list here:

Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi (also known for “they paved paradise, put a parking lot.”

Neil Young – After the Goldrush.

Christmas Climate Caroling!

Photo by cottonbro on

Climate Caroling is a thing! Whether just a family or a flash mob in a mall – it’s happening. Here are multiple resources for lyrics (some are a little darker than others):

For inspiration.

Lyric sources:

(For more about Christmas Climate Steps, see