The Three Submarine Engineers – Chapter 3

Now and Next This is the last chapter in the story of three sharp engineers, who decided to make a difference – and write childrens' books.  Read the first two episodes if you haven’t yet:  …Chapter 1: the story of why [link] and Chapter 2: the how’s of planning children’s books and learning to rhyme … Continue reading The Three Submarine Engineers – Chapter 3

The Plastic Podcast

Wind up Plastic-Free July by spending some time with us learning what is plastic, its impacts - good and bad - including on climate change, and how to fight plastic pollution throughout the year. Dr. Annette Olson, Founder of Climate Steps and the Lead for Green Neighbors DC, and guest Den Fusso, plastic activist, will … Continue reading The Plastic Podcast

Plastic-Free July Starts Tomorrow

Hey again. There's a campaign that's been growing yearly, which started in Australia, to make July Plastic-Free. If you are wondering about how plastic relates to climate change, it significantly causes it: Plastic comes from natural gas and oil - methane is released during drilling;CO2 is released during manufacturing;There's transportation to a place for … Continue reading Plastic-Free July Starts Tomorrow

Plastic = Climate Change, Part 1

A Plastic Affair to Remember - Always. Plastic first came into our lives 150 years ago, and we fell in love, hard. But although it made and makes our lives wonderful in many ways - it comes with baggage now. Lots and lots of terrible baggage. This article, Part 1, outlines the impact plastic makes, … Continue reading Plastic = Climate Change, Part 1