Action Plans, Maps, & Resolutions

This page is to help people map out, create, and/or then share their quarterly or yearly climate actions: as a way to help you organize the different ways you as an individual or group can take action. By then sending examples to us here at Climate Steps – you can help motivate others and shout out to the world – “I’m going to take these actions and publishing them here is going to force me to keep them up!”

Well, hopefully, anyway. Yes – it will! I can even send email reminders to you (just one.)

Below are several different methods for outlining the climate action you are going to take, in order of how easy they are to create. Then at the bottom, is a place we can share your plans, if you’d like.

New Year’s Resolutions

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Resolutions are generally just a simple statement, though it helps if they are S.M.A.R.T. = specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. I have written three sets of New Year’s Climate Resolutions now, and they can be quite effective, though for 2019, I didn’t quite get as many done as I’d like (article to come.). Examples below.

Action Maps!

Care of Dr. Cat Russell, in Colorado. Based on a map used at the U.S. Jet Propulsion Laboratory for project actions in general, Cat has developed wonderful, free training (except for any travel costs needed) focused on climate action. The training’s mantra is Head, Heart, and Hands.

  • Head: you learn some brief facts about the climate crisis but also facts about action.
  • Heart: you bring images of what draws you to action. Your children, wildlife, your favorite part of nature, etc.. This will go in the center of the map.
  • Hands: you work (personally, or in a group) to determine categories in which you can take action, and map them – from recent actions, to first steps, to achievable goals. Heading towards your heart image.

Maps can be created by hand or within an editable PDF version. See under the Share section below for an example map. More information on the maps and training is available at Cat’s site:

P.S. If you go through the training, you are empowered by Cat to use the maps – for free – to train others!

Action Plans!

Action plans, sometimes called logic models, are designed to quantify your plan and then your success, and to present a significant deadline against which to measure your success as well. They are often written so others can view them and comment, especially a mentor.

Find out more about them here!

Share Your Actions!

Share your actions with us here – removing personal data, and it will help others plan theirs. I also can send you an email reminder three months later (just one reminder) to help keep you on track.

Examples people are uploading: