Action Plans & Resolutions

This brand-new page is to help people create and/or share their quarterly or yearly climate actions: as 1) examples to help motivate others, and 2) to shout out to the world – “I’m going to take these actions and publishing them here is going to force me to keep them up!”

Well, hopefully, anyway.

The goals of this page are to

  1. Provide an action item template for you all to use for various types of action,
  2. Present “starter” action plans for different themes
  3. Provide a space where you can upload your plans so that folks can encourage and gently comment on them. Upon request, I can also perhaps ping people monthly to see ‘How are you doing there?’

I’ll be building up this page over the year 2019, so let’s get started! Here is an example of a quarterly action plan I did last year for a Climate Action Course I took.

(Click link below for full document.)

I have been writing articles about my NY Climate Resolutions now for three years, and they can be quite effective.

But Action Plans kindof take it to the next level. Resolutions are generally just a simple statement, though it helps if they are S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable…). Action plans, however, are designed to quantify your plan and then your success, and to present a significant deadline against which to measure your success as well. They are often written so others can view them and comment, especially a mentor. They’re not hard – it’s best to keep them to one to two pages of doable actions, but it’s a better way to check your progress. And at the end, it will help you see your impact. Because you can make significant impacts.

Our Climate Steps Facebook group has been discussing some actions to go in ‘starter-kit’ plans. The first of which – Transportation – I have put below (link under image).

I will build some more regarding Food/Food Waste, Social Actions, Water, and Plastic, but don’t let that stop you. Here’s a blank template if you want to create your own.

PLEASE SHARE YOURS WITH US! Just send it to with a statement that you are ready to share it with any and all (i.e., make it public domain or CC-attribution, and I will upload it. Still figuring out how to do private versus public feedback, but will get there.


Previous Action Plans and Resolutions (2019 on…)