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Announcing a new resource page for Climate Steps – Podcasts, which has reviews of 13 informative podcasts in the areas of climate science, how climate change affects us, the all important climate solutions, and then the environment in general. Three of my favorites are:

  1. The Mint Climate Change Tracker, which provides an overview of climate issues in India, hosted by Bibek Bhattacharya, a journalist who pulls in facts, but also his worries. It is a powerful podcast.
  1. NORI – a company named after seaweed, provides two podcasts, one a news briefing, and one a long-format (40-60 minutes) podcast called Reversing Climate Change, https://nori.com/reversing-climate-change, featuring guests speaking about climate-addressing innovations. The moderators, which can vary among staff, are not only fun, but they are sharp — and ask very pointed questions.
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  1. And my third favorite right now (I’m halfway through) is Climate Change Unfolding, which is all about a competitive kayaker/businessman in Uganda trying to apply climate solutions to his life and business. Some episodes are stronger than others, but it’s a very personal story, and despite his often going on tangents, he provides a good description of how climate change weaves into so many aspects of his and his family’s and friends’ lives. I also am so glad he reports on the impact on local species. He provides references and photos on his website to help. https://www.climatechangeunfolding.com/.

But there are a lot of climate-related podcasts out there (for my third favorite, I was torn between Climate Change Unfolding and Gastropod – which is food+science+history with almost always a mention of climate change). So visit the Resource Page for the ten others we reviewed. We also list the ones we plan to review – another 41 – most recommended by members of our Climate Steps Facebook group, with some great comments added. We’ll continue to review and add to the list.


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