What is a Climate Step?

One of our members, Diane, who has been part of the Facebook Climate Steps group from the beginning three plus years ago, recently put into eloquent words what a ‘Climate Step’ consists of and does. Its power. I have tweaked the text here and there to put a bit more emphasis on climate, but the bulk of the text, and definitely the concepts, are hers. The list below matches what we have sought to encourage through this website and our CS communities and, as we turn into a nonprofit, will now serve as our guiding definition and principles. Thank you, Diane.

A Climate Step:
* helps ensure life will continue on this planet, including our endangered species.
* primarily works to reduce or reverse the substantial damage from atmospheric pollution we have ready done and are about to do towards our climate, but it also includes efforts to reduce or reverse habitat destruction, watershed contamination, the plastics in our oceans, the pesticides in our fields, etc. – as these also can cause substantial carbon equivalent emissions and strongly affect the ability of ecosystems to function.
* is a rational, practical action an average human can take to mitigate the harm we have done and to provide hope for those who come next.
* is one way we show our respect for the sufferings of others in the Arctic, Bangladesh, the Marshall Islands, Sri Lanka, and other places that risk destruction due to our past and present actions.

Take climate steps with us.

Logo suggestion by Kirianne Elizabeth Weaver, Climate Steps Facebook Member.

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