Starter-Kit Action Plans now Available

So brief note: I am creating the Climate Steps Climate Action Plan Central (whoop!), found on

  • First, the goal of an action plan is to help you write down specific steps you think you can feasibly take, steps that are so specific numbers are even attached to them. Kindof like saying, “I will eat one less donut a day and instead eat one apple a day for two weeks.” Something like this is feasible, and helps get you started on a successful path. It’s much better than saying something like “oh, I’m going to go on a diet.” What sort of useless sentence/plan is that.? Anyway, these plans help you actually take the action you want to take. Look at a climate action plan and see what I mean. Please. A climate action plan to help you take climate action.
  • There is a template on there you can download and use to build your own, as well as an example of one I have followed regarding food. To find ideas for actions you can pull ideas from posts from this group, or look on the various pages on
  • Then, if you want, you can email yours to me, and I’ll put them on the website if you want feedback.
  • But why not start with the super “Starter-Kit” Transportation Action Plan? It is a three-month action plan centered around transportation, the most carbon impactful area where we can take action (except for having fewer children). Sample dates are in the template – use those for examples for timing your efforts over three months. This is for an urban environment, so feel free to delete rows that don’t make sense for you personally (it’s a little longer than it should be because I anticipate you will have to delete some rows). You can add rows too; there are more ideas on the Transportation page of the CS website. At the end of three months, we can see where we are, and alter the “Starter-Kit” Transportation Action plan accordingly. A climate action person is helping create a Rural Transportation Action plan, which will be darn helpful.
  • Food/Food Waste and other “Starter-Kits” to come.

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